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Abaya Borka Collection

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The best abaya borka collection-online Shop Aladdin Clothing

Is abaya borka part of your daily life? Then we are here with our wide range of abaya dress borka design collection. Just give it a try and you will love it. From this article you will learn many known and unknown things about abaya such as the origin of abaya, classification, differentiation, variety types of abaya and more.

More importantly, if you want to buy a perfect abaya, then you need to know it’s type and category, which online shop is trusted or not? All of your questions will be answered in this writing. So seat tight and enjoy.

Nowadays abaya & borka has become very trendy fashion among young women as well as women of different ages. There are lot of different things you should know before buying an abaya. You may have some question about the origin of abaya, it’s type and category, which online shop is trusted or not?

Don’t worry, we’ll cover everything you need to know in this article. Just one request, don’t skip any part of this writing and read A to Z or you’ll miss something very important that you must not miss.

What is abaya & borka?

First of all you should know what is abaya. Abaya is known as ‘cloak’. It came from the word aba, referselementary loose overgarment, originally a robe like outfit thatMuslimreligious women put on to protect their beauty and modesty. The main goal of abaya is to cover the complete body excluding hands, feet & head. Women also love to wear popular outfit call niqab to cover their face except eyes. Long gloves are also used to cover both hands.

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Who wears an abaya?

According to islamic scholars are advised to tell their wives and loving daughters to wear abaya so that they can protect themselves from harm and evil eyes. So every Muslim women should wear abaya to maintain their Pardah. It’s a must thatMuslim women should always wear abaya to cover her full body. That is the reason abaya became the essential part of their outfit to protect their modesty.Muslim women are following this tradition from a long time. There are a lot of benefits too. It helps to enhance the beauty of their outfit.

What is the difference between a burqa and an abaya?

Now, let’s discuss about burqa and abaya. Many Muslim women think burqa and abaya are same thing, are they? To be honest, there aredifference between them. They are not same but related to each other. Then what is the difference? Well, the definition of abaya is a kind of dress that is look like a long robe and women wear it over other cloths to cover their whole body.

In this scenario, abaya and burqa have same purpose.The real difference is abaya can be short or long, covering the head and toe is not necessary for an abaya but a burqa must cover head to toe and must be very loose. True aspiration of burqa is to hide the shape of their body from unknown male or outside family members.

Burqa has two essential parts that an abaya don’t have. First one is a kind of veil that cover the head and both eyes. Some veil is made with an opening in the eyes area. The other one is a pant or skirt like apparel that covers the leg. This part of the apparels are made with one or two pieces, based on the design of burqa.

The word burqa came from Persian language purda that refers curtain and it is also known as many other name. Many people call it borkha, some pronounce it burqu. Burqa can be a littledifficult to wear in summer season but inwinter season, it’s totally opposite. Abaya are more popular than burqa in many countries.

The percentage of wearing burqa is much lesser than abaya. According to many statistics, most of the young women prefer abaya instead of burqa because abayas are more fashionable than burqa. To illustrate their love and belief in their culture &religion, Muslim women are devoted to wear abaya and burqa.

Why are abayas black?

Choosing the right color for your abaya is very important, right! You may be noticed, the common color for abayas are black. Because black is known as traditional abaya color. It doesn’t mean it’s the only color. 

There are a lot of available color for abaya right now. But black abayas are most used in Muslim countries. You can purchase fashionable abaya in many colors from our shop.

The classification of abaya Design & Borka Design-

We create our design with the inspiration of traditional idea and latest, unique and sophisticated thoughts. We also have a huge amount of elegant design with a veryreasonable price. Our most popular abayadesign categories are given below-

. Simple casual abaya Collection :

Simplicity is the best. One can’t wear a heavy or wedding abayaon a normal occasion or everyday life. For everyday purpose and casual outing, every Muslim women need simple and casual abaya. So that they can go out, attain their job, do their daily work, maintaining their proper modest look. That’s why our finest designer made unique abaya designthat is simple but very gorgeous design.

. Party and wedding abaya Design :

Special occasion and party are part of our life so that we can’t deny it. That’s why we focused on how can we make our design more gorgeous and unique for special occasion and party. Obviously we remember the core reason for wearing abaya to maintain the modest look. Keeping that in mind, our professional designer create party and wedding abayathat is magnificent and elegant design.

. Abaya Gown Collection:

Gown designed abaya islittledifferent then other abaya design. Abaya Gown is a fulllength robe or a dress, worn prominently by Muslim women. It’s usually loose outer garment from kneeto fulllength outfit. So basically abaya gown is a long elegant abaya dress designed with the concept of gown style. There are a few types of abaya gown such as floral abaya gown, umbrella cut abaya gown etc.

. Kaftan borka design:

The kaftan abaya is the most modest abaya of all design. The Kaftan style is probably the most popular modern abaya style. They are lengthy and also loose along withit’s robelike sleeves. Many Kaftan abayas are designed to match a belted tunic style. Because of it’s gorgeous feature, it is the best for parties and wedding ceremonies.

. Kimono abaya design:

Kimono abayasare generally a littleloose type outfit that provide full coverage. This type of abayas are made in different kind of designs, decorated with expensive stone, made of unique fabrics. Achieve a great feminine touch with our large kimono abaya collection and make your look more classy & gorgeous.

. DubaiAbaya style:

Dubai abaya styles are very popular for their wonderful shining stone,unique cutting style, different kind of threads and gorgeous design pattern. It’s famous in both young and mid aged women. There are a lot of store and websites who are selling Dubaiabaya style but you’ll get the best unique design abaya from us.

. Coat style abaya Dress :

Coat style abaya is the best for winter season. We have two kind of coat style abaya. One is short and the other one is long style. The design is inspired by western clothing. Actually the abaya is kind of look like a coat but it covers the curves and full body as it should be. That is the reason, the design is different from other. Young women really like coat style abaya and it’s one of the trendiest abaya design for winter.

. Jilbab borka collection:

The word jilbab meansloosefit and long coat or outer apparel worn by Muslim women. So jilbab abayas are more open and loose fit than other abaya style. The modern jilbab covers the entire body. To complete their outfit, they use gloves and niqab to cover hands & face. It’s also known as the ancient traditional long abaya.

. Other Abaya dress & borka Collection:

We have variant kind of abaya collection. Most popular kinds are koti style abaya, short abaya, abaya with shrug, skirt abaya, two part abaya, romper style abaya, front open abaya, pocket sleeve abaya, closed and open button abaya, Saudi abaya, the abaya cardi, Lycra abaya designs, readymade abaya, designer abaya and special designed abaya for winter and summer season.

New unique borka design collection-

Most of the burqa style are very simple and plain designed. That is the reason, burka are made of plain black color or other common color that women like most. Unique borka designs are not as various as abaya collection. But don’t worry we have different kind of burqa style and you won’t find this huge collection of burqa design in other online shop but us. Then you must ask what’s new in your borka collection? What will I get, right? We always try something new and unique in our design. 

For example- Our designer design various kind of floral illustration that are used in embroidery work, upper sleeve, collar, chest and body. All the design are different from previous one and that make our collection more unique and gorgeous. Our most famous burqa design collections are given below-

. Khimar style burqa:

Khimar style is the most popular among burqa and women prefer this style much more than other style. It’s long, cape style veil as it should be, cover both neck and shoulders but the portion of face are not covered. This kind of burqa style are most popular among Egyptian women. Not just Egyptian women, this type of burqa also famous in Arab countries. Khimar burqa are very comfortable for prayers. During the Hajj program, khimar style burqa most seen among women.

. Chador style burqa:

If you compare chador style burqa with khimar style burqa, then you will find out that they are almost same except few differences. Chador style burqa are very popular in Iran country. Women of our country also like this kind of burqa and most of them are middle-aged or older. Chador burqa are very loose and cover the whole body like a chador except face area. Women wear this burqa with smaller headscarf as a large semi-circular portion of the dress.

. Boshiya burqa:

Boshiya is come from the word ghatwa and also called bushiyyah, also known as the most conservative style among burqa. In this type of style, there is no space or opening for eyes and face must be covered as well as the whole body. The main and only color of this burqa is black and worn with gloves & socks to cover both hands and legs. This type of burqa is not very popular in our country but it’s getting recognized day by day.

. Other burqa style:

Mentioned burqa style in the above is not only our collection. They are popular, but we also have a vast collection of different kinds of burqa such as amira style burqa, sayla style burqa, doa guan style burqa, complete plain black color burqa, long loose brown burqa, Dubai burqa and more. Did we miss any other popular burqa style? If you have your own dedicated burqa design or picture of unique style you want to buy, then you can contact us. We have ‘customize’ design option. We will make your burqa as your requirement according to our company policy.

Our online abaya & borka store has the most trendy and up to date design. Our designers are always busy to bring up the latest abaya design. Always love to guide our valuable customers to find out their perfect clothing such as abaya, skirt, hijab, tunic, t-shirt, jeans pant etc.Our professional tailors make all the apparel in our factory to make certain of the best quality and they never failed. So, do your online abaya shoppingand buy your chosen abaya dressfrom one of the best online burka store, “Aladdin Clothing”. 

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